Hotheads Extensions

No Heat, No Tools, No Damage.
Hotheads Extension
At Hotheads - we believe that one's choice to enhance their appearance with hair extensions should never contribute to hair loss or damage. Our history in hair replacement and hair solutions made this an easy concept to execute. Our company continues to create extraordinary products that are non-damaging and safe while making the application process fast and affordable for industry professionals.
It is therefore no surprise that Hotheads has discovered the best way to provide volume, length, highlights and dynamic color easily and without damage or hair loss. Unlike other methods available today, Hotheads offers the most simple, fast, and extraordinary human hair extensions and enhancement solutions in the industry.
Compare below to see how beneficial Hothead extensions are.
  • 1-2 hour application time
  • More natural look
  • Natural adhesive makes no risk of heat damage
  • Can be reused up to 3 times (see our Hotheads Membership)
  • Easier to manage
  • Less invasive/more gentle to remove
  • Comfortable wear
  • More cost effective 
  • No damaging tools used
  • No bulkiness and smooth to the touch
Heat Bonding:
  • 6-8 hour application
  • Stringy and thin appearance
  • Bonds can be felt in hair
  • Heat-infused bod can damage hair
  • Can not be reused
  • Matte and tangle easily
  • Removal can compromise and damage hair
  • Very expensive
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