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About Us
Cass & Company Salon was established in April 2001 to provide superior services where our guests can come to receive the 
"Best Experience of their Day!" To keep our staff inspired, we provide opportunities for advanced education inside and outside of the salon on a regular basis, as well as creating a feeling of family while perfecting our craft.
Angi Snodgrass is the owner of Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Angi Snodgrass
As owner and founder of Cass and Company Salon, Angi has nearly 30 years experience as a stylist. She specializes in fine hair, customized cuts, and creative cut and style. She is a firm believer in education and has not only taken many classes over the years but encourages stylists to take part in classes. Angi is married and has 3 kids and 2 dogs.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Cafe Mocha
Favorite Snack: Ice cream
Favorite Vacation Spot: any beach

Linda Kinstle is director of salon operations at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Linda Kinstle
Director of Salon Operations
It all started with a few friends excited to start their venture and knew Linda fit the mold to run their Front Desk team! It has been a blessing she started with us in 2001 and advance as our Director of Salon Operations. You will see her "flutter" by checking on guests and staff always making sure everyone is okay. Looking forward to those guests she has known for years and meeting new ones is such a joy for her. Working in an environment that creates positivity and making someone feel great about themselves is what it is all about! She is married, has two daughters and LOVES her grandbabies Ava, Crew and Jackson!

Favorite Starbucks Drink: French Vanilla Iced Latte
Favorite Snack: Pretzels
Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii
Roxanna Maddux is director of inventory and promos at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Roxanna Maddux
Director of Inventory & Promotions
Roxanna started working at Cass and Company Salon in 2017. With a B.S. in Chemistry from Oregon State University, it is no surprise she loves to spend time outdoors hiking and has climbed several mountains in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys nature and shooting guns and fishing.  She also has several culinary certifications and aspires to own an artisan bakery one day where she will sell nerdy themed goodies such as sweets, breads, and pastries.  In her freetime, she volunteers with the local Rebel Legion/501st, an organization that dresses as Star Wars characters to visit children's hospitals and toy drives. She also creates and wears unique costumes that resemble action heroes of all types. Her family also works with the organization called F.A.C.E. , a low cost spay/neuter center. 

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Caramel Frap or Chai Tea Latte
Favorite Snack: Popcorn or Hummus

Jesslyn Wallace is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Jesslyn Wallace
Director Stylist
Director of Education
Licensed in 2001, Jesslyn joined the Cass and Company Salon team in 2003. She is an expert in curly hair and razor cuts. As director of education, Jesslyn enjoys teaching interns and has been educated in the salon business for more than 16 years, traveling to New York City, Louisville, and Indy for classes. She is a very family-oriented person and loves spending time with her nephews. Besides cutting hair, creating gorgeous color, and being with family, she enjoys sewing, traveling, nature, and animals. Jesslyn loves to hike the Rocky and Smoky Mountains and visit California whenever she can!
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Green Tea Frappuccino
Favorite Snack: Sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella
Favorite Vacation Spot: San Diego and Canada

Ashley Kinstle is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Ashley Kinstle
Director Stylist
Ashley has been with Cass and Company Salon since 2004 starting in guest relations. After obtaining her license, she started at the salon as a stylist in 2007.  Her creativity along with extensive product knowledge allows her to make accurate recommendations delivering nothing but the best results. Bobs (trendy and classic), men's barber cuts, and dimensional color are just a few of her specialties. She is an in-house educator for other upcoming stylists and has traveled to New York City, Louisville, and Indy to continue training. In 2015, she was voted Best Hair Stylist in Hendricks County. Ashley has a 5-year-old stud of a boy and she credits her boyfriend, Zach, as her biggest cheerleader.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Triple Shot Caramel Macchiato
Favorite Snack: Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips
Favorite Vacation Spot: Punta Cana

Katie Ball
Director Stylist
A passion for art and her love for color is what made the hair industry a perfect fit for Katie. Color placement, balayage, sombre & dimensional color is what makes her repertoire so unique! Whether it be subtle or bold, Katie's skill in precision cutting and attention to detail will create the perfect masterpiece! Her guests love her down to earth, fun-loving nature! Cass & Company is so fortunate to have Katie with us for the last 10 years!

Kari Levi is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Kari Levi
Director Stylist
Kari's eye for the latest trends and love for fashion was her inspiration to enter the hair industry. Now having developed as a Master Stylist, her career has been molded through education in addition to her many talents. Men's barber cutting, balayage highlights, and dimensional color, just to name a few! Kari's charisma leaves her guests feeling confident along with her humorous personality makes for an entertaining experience!

Chelsea Spack is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Chelsea Spack
Master Stylist
Chelsea has served at Cass and Company Salon since 2011 after obtaining her stylist license in 2009. She is the queen of ombre and the boss of braids with stunning technique. Her specialties include blondes, fine hair, and makeup. 
Favorite Snack: Hearts of Palm
Favorite Vacation Spot: Las Vegas

Ashley Chilson
Master Stylist
With her bubbly personality and caring spirit you will always feel at home in Ashley's chair. Loving dimensional color, specializing in trendy & classic bob's & texturing techniques are just a few of her many talents! Being a team member for 8 years, she has achieved many goals and is now a Senior designer!

Jordan Drabing is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Jordan Drabing
Master Stylist
Jordan joined Cass and Company in 2009 after finishing her education in 2008. Her training has included Goal Beauty Consulting Education and her specialties include Hot Head Extensions and Balayage. She also loves short trendy cuts or amplifying your look with lots of volume and texture. Her perfectionism shows in her enthusiasm for continuing education. It also fulfills her need for traveling going as far as New York City's top salons. She has a small, close family she would not trade for the world.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: S’mores Frap
Favorite Snack: Kettle Cooked BBQ Chips
Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii

Lina Grass is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Lina Grass
Master Stylist
Trained for more than 20 years as a stylist, Lina has been with Cass and Company Salon since 2010.  She loves trendy haircuts, updo's, and razor cuts. She considers hairstyling not only a career but her hobby and passion. Lina hails from Lithuania.

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Mocha Frappuccino
Favorite Snack: Fruits, veggies, and dark chocolate
Favorite Vacation Spot: Caribbean Islands

Jamie Wohlt is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Jamie Wohlt
Senior Stylist
Jamie has served as a stylist at Cass and Company Salon since 2012. Creativity in dimensional color, bob's, and men's barber cuts are just a glimpse of her many talents. Let her show you how volume and texture can transform your hair! She is married and has a dog named Bailey.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Anything with caffeine
Favorite Snack: Dark Sweet Cherries
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere!‚Äč

Kara Knapp
Designer Stylist
Kara joined the Cass and Company Salon team in 2013. Her specialty is trendy haircuts and is considered a creative colorist. If you have fine hair, Kara can bring volume and instruct you how to keep the volume. Her greatest love are her dog children.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Iced Caramel Macchiato
Favorite Vacation Spot: Mexico

Alicen Lyrenmann is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Alicen Lyrenmann
Since 2015, Alicen has been a part of the Cass and Company Salon team. She received her training and education through Aveda Fredric’s Institute.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Triple Caramel Macchiato
Favorite Vacation Spot: Eagu River

Anita Davis
Anita joined the Cass and Company Salon team in 2015. Anita's perfectionism and driven attitude drives her to learn new techniques for her guests. Her specialty is working with thicker hair and she particularly enjoys colors and highlights. She has two children and is surrounded by her loving mom, sisters, nephews, and nieces.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Mocha Frappe with Peppermint
Favorite Snack: Donuts
Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World and the beach

Rebecca Greene is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Rebecca Greene
After becoming a licensed stylist in 2015, Rebecca joined Cass and Company Salon in January 2016. She attended Aveda Fredric’s Institute and served as an intern at Cass and Company. Rebecca will be getting married on September 1 and has a dog named Turbo.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Caramel Frappe with Soy Milk
Favorite Snack: Salt and Vinegar Chips
Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World

Stephanie Hackett is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Stephanie Hackett
Stephanie started at Cass and Company Salon in 2016 after styling for 3 years. She is trained and educated in working with blondes and Hot Head Extensions. Stephanie is engaged and they have a two-year-old daughter, Annaleigh.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Caramel Frappe
Favorite Snack: Fruits
Favorite Vacation Spot: Siesta Key

Jennifer Long is a stylist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Jennifer Long
Jennifer has been licensed since March of 2017. Her specialties are color and trendy cuts (bobs).  She is currently in the apprentice program working on becoming a full-time stylist.  Jennifer has a daughter, stepson, and a baby girl on the way. She enjoys fishing and boating in her spare time. 

Favorite Starbucks Drink: White Chocolate Latte
Favorite Snack: Slim Jims
Favorite Vacation Spot: Clearwater Beach, Florida

Marcie Romine is a massage therapist at Cass and Company Salon in Avon, Indiana.
Marcie Romine 
Massage Therapist
Marcie has been a massage therapist for 16 years and has worked a total of 4 years at Cass and Company salon. She received her training and education at PCI Nation Level. She has one daughter, a son-in-law, and a grandson.
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Tall Black and Strong
Favorite Vacation Spot: Michigan or New England
We are always striving to continue our education. We attend classes locally with Bennie Pollard, O&M & Aveda Team members and many other renowned stylists. We have also traveled to New York, Louisville & Chicago for additional training. We also do in salon training with our own stylists!
We always look for fun ways to get away as a staff for retreats to learn & enjoy each other's company!

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